Non-MBTA Bus Systems

Why stick to just the MBTA when there are so many other non-MBTA systems in the greater Boston area? This is a list of all of the Regional Transportation Authorities that connect to the MBTA Commuter Rail. There are links to the main websites for the Authorities, and linked routes are ones that I’ve reviewed.



  • 1 (Pittsfield/North Adams)
  • 2 (Pittsfield/Lee)
  • 3 (Williamstown/North Adams)
  • 4 (Pittsfield/Dalton/Hinsdale)
  • 5 (Lanesborough/Linden/Hancock)
  • 11 (Berkshire Community College)
  • 11N (Berkshire Community College Night Loop)
  • 12/14 (Southeast Loop)
  • 15/16 (West Pittsfield/Crane Ave)
  • 21 (Lee/Great Barrington)
  • 21X (Pittsfield/Great Barrington)
  • 34 (North Adams Loop)
  • Pittsfield Intermodal Center