Boy, that Fall River Terminal sure was nice, huh? Yeah. What a great terminal that was. Well, anyway, it’s time to look at their other terminal. It’s a lot worse.


Yup, modern this terminal ain’t. There are uncomfortable wooden benches that meander through the middle of the room that feels like it should be filled with depressing cubicles, while a lone ticket machine stands on the opposite end from the human ticket offices. There is but one bathroom here, and it’s disgusting. Also, it has space for four users, even though it’s only meant to be used by one at a time.

Oh dear!

On the side of the building is a ramp that leads down to…”Snack Bar.” What is this mysterious door? Well, apparently nothing, because it looks like this snack bar has been closed for years. I also found another closed door, this one leading to the parking garage. It turns out you need a monthly pass to enter the lot. Oh well.

The boarding area.

The Fall River Terminal may not have had labels for its berths, but at least it had berths! Here, the buses just line up in this dingy boarding area. Which one is yours? Who knows, better check them all! Let me tell you, this place can get chaotic. Incidentally, coach buses to Boston board on an island platform, and that’s how Sam and I finally got home from a very long day of bus rides!

Two island platforms? Seems like they could do berths here…

SRTA Station: New Bedford Terminal

Ridership: I can’t find an exact figure for SRTA’s New Bedford ridership, but I know that it’s pretty high for an RTA. This terminal was quiet by the time we got here around 8 PM, but it’s usually busier during the day.

Pros: Well, it’s a place to wait inside for the bus. That’s nice.

Cons: It’s so ugly! And the bathroom is awful! And the boarding process is chaotic! AND THE SNACK BAR IS CLOSED!!!!

Nearby and Noteworthy: Downtown New Bedford has a few really nice parts of it that are close to the terminal. To the east (and a little south), you’ll find cobblestone streets, museums, and interesting shops.

Final Verdict: 4/10
I don’t have much to add here. This is a bad terminal, but it’s not bad in a funny or interesting way, it’s just…bad. Yeah, I think that’s about it.

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