In the Press

This is a compendium of all the times this blog has shown up in the press!

British rider completes journey of subway in just over 8 hours - Boston Globe, Nov. 2013

In which there is a passing reference to “Miles Taylor, a 13-year-old transit blogger.” Granted, Adham did most of the work here, and it was just so exciting to see my name in the paper! View the article 

Riding the T in 8 hours... - Boston Herald, Nov. 2013

If you want to watch an awkward 13-year-old me get interviewed in a video, this is the place to go! View the article

Meet the 8th Grade MBTA Blogger Who Rides Boston Buses for Fun - Bostinno, Apr. 2014

A little interview done by an online news site called Bostinno. This was the first time the blog had been at the center of attention in an article! View the article

This Cambridge high school student reviewed every MBTA bus route over four years -, Sep. 2017

An article about my completion of the MBTA bus system! View the article

MBTA gives itself high grades for reliability - WCVB, Nov. 2017

A piece for a local news station referred to me as an “expert”. Thanks! View the article

This Teen Has Reviewed Hundreds Of MBTA Stations And Lines - WBUR, Jan. 2018

Boston’s NPR station created a fantastic radio piece with an accompanying video where we went and reviewed a very strange Commuter Rail station in the suburbs of the city. View the article

Train Teen critiques Wellesley's MBTA commuter rail stations - The Swellesley Report, Mar. 2018

A funny little article specifically about my reviews of the three stations in a town called Wellesley. View the article

Teen Uncovers the Hidden Secrets of the MBTA - NECN, Mar. 2018

I took a TV reporter to Lowell, MA to review a bus route. Why did I take him there??? View the article

There's really only one way a kid who's ridden pretty much every bus route in the state could get to his prom - Universal Hub, May 2018

I had to include the “prom bus” somewhere! It actually made it onto a brief 30-second clip on the news, but it’s not available online. View the article

SEPTA Debuts New Bus Route - NBC Philadelphia, Feb. 2019

It’s a stretch, but at the 1:11 mark in the video, you can see me running for the bus! Woo! View the article

He wants to learn about the 'real’ Philly — by riding every single bus, train, and trolley run by SEPTA - Philadelphia Inquirer, July 2019

A piece about my SEPTA transit adventures and explorations of Philadelphia’s many neigborhoods. The blog’s first proper foray into Philly’s media! View the article

Six New Orange Line Train Cars Kick Off $2 Billion Improvement Plan - CBS Boston, Aug. 2019

Woo, I happened to be on a new train and the news happened to film me talking about geeky transit stuff! View the article

Massachusetts: Big Rail Plans. All Signals Green? - Railway Age, Oct. 2019

This was totally a surprise! This article about the future of rail transportation in Massachusetts has a paragraph about me and the blog at the end. View the article

Greyhound's Dumbest Bus Line Goes From New York City To New York City - Jalopnik, Nov. 2019

Another surprise! It was a huge pleasure to have this silly Greyhound video be featured on Jalopnik. View the article

Why this transit guru who's tried 50 systems thinks BART is the best for commuters

One of two articles about my BART record speedrun (since beaten)! View the article

Meet the 21-year-old who rode all of BART in just over 6 hours and loved every second

The other BART speedrun article! View the article

What’s it like to cross the U.S. on Greyhound? Two students found out.

We rode a Greyhound bus across the country and the WASHINGTON POST thought that was cool? WHOA! View the article

3,792 miles, 4½ days, and 16 states: Boston transit enthusiast chronicles journey across the US by bus

The Boston Globe reported on the Greyhound trip too! Wow!!! View the article