I Travelled to South Sweden to Ride as Much Cool Transit as I Could

Yeah, this one is basically what it says on the tin. https://youtu.be/CRZhlIDVp7Q

We Rode a Train to the Middle of Nowhere to Watch the Solar Eclipse!

Total eclipse of the foam. https://youtu.be/AkVMzEwB5Z4

VIA Rail’s Ocean from Montreal to Halifax (in Sleeper!) – Apparently a Trip Report

Okay, I officially love Atlantic Canada. Check out Paul Lucas's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJpvoLEFQ3U https://youtu.be/GSu1hQZ0iqc

Detroit: A Tale of Two Weird Rail Systems

Would you rather have a slow streetcar that follows a bus route but does kinda go somewhere, or a fast people mover that aimlessly spins around in circles? In Detroit, you don't have to pick! https://youtu.be/WI_zP37ZIeE

This IKEA Runs Its Own Ferry Service!

Technically the Hart Island Ferry is New York's OTHER other free ferry, but that's pretty darn tough to get on. https://youtu.be/l2SFBVJv-mc

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