The Least Used Station on SEPTA

Yes, Paper Mill Road gets fewer riders than any Regional Rail station - I checked.

An Uncut Ride Around the Chicago Loop

Jackson and I were on an Amtrak layover in Chicago and neither of us had ever ridden around the Loop before, so we set up a channel meetup for folks to join us! It turns out some very cool and knowledgeable people watch Miles in Transit - enjoy the tour of downtown...

I Took The Stupidest Amtrak Route From NYC to Boston

The stupidest that could be booked on one ticket, anyway.

Amtrak’s New Siemens Venture Coaches: Apparently a Trip Report

I'm a couple months late on this, but oh well! (and to think I literally rode this a couple months ago, too)

I Rode EVERY Metro Line in Barcelona

Prepare for a whirlwind of transit modes, track gauges, and transportation operators! Also dots...because somehow I can never escape them.

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