Amtrak Acela First Class: Apparently a Trip Report

They REALLY want you to believe this is a $150 product. Cost comparison chart:

The Street So Steep It Needs Its Own Escalator

Apologies for this rambly unedited affair about a cool escalator in San Sebasti√°n/Donostia, Spain. Better video next week!

The Diner Video (Part 3: The Modern Years)

It's all those big Philly family restaurants that happen to have been built in a factory!

The Diner Video (Part 2: The Classic Years)

Some of Philly's most classic diners, and some deep cuts too! Also featuring Miles's bizarre taste in food.

The Diner Video (Part 1: The Early Years)

All of Philly's most historic diners, even the ones with horrible remodels!

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