This terminal is pretty brand-spanking new, having been built in 2013. But…does new mean good in this case? Spoilers: yes.

And there we go!

The main waiting area is bright, shiny, and spacious. We’ve got benches galore, schedules galore, and…just one ticket machine. Well, we can’t have everything. Other attractions include ticket offices, a mural, a great water fountain (the kind with the bottle-filler), and some really nice bathrooms.


Okay, this was a surprise. A set of stairs and an elevator lead down to an underground parking garage…with 30 spaces. Yes, they built a whole underground parking garage for a whole…30 spaces. I mean, it’s something, I guess. The garage is open whenever the terminal is (Mondays-Saturdays, 6 AM to 10 PM), and there is also parking for up to ten bikes down here.

Outside in the boarding area.

Sweet, the boarding area has seating too! It’s not as much as what’s inside the building, but two shelters is two shelters. There are no designated “berths” here, so buses seem to just pull in wherever they want, but it’s not a huge problem, since it’s not a big terminal to begin with. It shouldn’t be hard to find your bus when there are only a few berths to begin with. The “boarding platforms” just being lines on the asphalt is pretty bad, though.

Two buses of two different companies.

SRTA Station: Fall River Terminal

Ridership: According to this article, the SRTA transports 3,500 Fall River passengers every day. I’m not sure what that translates to as far as terminal ridership, but probably a good chunk of those people start or end their journeys here.

Pros: This is a nice, simple terminal! It has every amenity you would want, and it’s laid out very well.

Cons: It mostly comes down to the berths. Organized berths would be great, but more importantly, the boarding areas should at least have curbs so the step up to the bus isn’t as big.

Nearby and Noteworthy: The station is only a few blocks away from South Main Street, which has some interesting businesses along it if you search.

Final Verdict: 8/10
Not much else to say! This is a good bus station, and its only real problem is boarding the buses from the ground. Other than that, nothing too big to complain about. It’s a good terminal.

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