So I found out that before I can do the big review, I have to do some other reviews that sorta pertain to the big review in a way, mostly for dramatic purposes for when the big review finally comes out. It’ll become clear at some point. Well, anyway, before I can do the other reviews before the big review, I’m gonna patch up the time by taking care of some reviews in my backlog of my reviews, not pertaining to the other reviews or the big review. Thus, here’s my review of the Logan Airport 55 route review. Review? Review!

The bus at Terminal A.

The 55 is basically a combined version of the 22 and 33 that runs in the late evening and early morning in lieu of those routes. That’s about it. So we started at Terminal A and proceeded to, yes, Terminal B – stops 1 and 2. From there, and I know this is a big surprise, we went to Terminals C and E! Oh, and there was also that weird Massport control tower stop between B and C that no one ever uses…

Oooh, blurry!

After Terminal E, we headed down Service Road, passing a gas station, some parking lots, and a few airplane hangars. Eventually we turned into Airport Station, then from there we went down Transportation Way. There was a park on one side, and we curved around it before running up to the upper level of the Rental Car Center. Alright, review over!

Another 55 getting ready to go back to the airport.

Logan Airport Shuttle Route: 55 (Serves All Terminals to subway station and to Rental Car Center)

Ridership: Since this route operates during the airport’s off-peak hours, ridership is pretty light. My trip had maybe seven people in total.

Pros: It makes sense that during times of lighter ridership, Massport combines the 22 and 33 into one route. It does mean a longer ride to Terminals C and E, although in the case of E, most international flights don’t leave when this route runs, so it’s not too big of a deal. The route operates with consistent frequency, and you should never have to wait too long for a bus.

Cons: It’s kinda weird that this uses 60-foot buses, isn’t it? I mean, there really doesn’t seem to be enough ridership to justify them, and I imagine the costs for running them are higher than normal 40-foot buses.

Nearby and Noteworthy: Every terminal of the airport! Woah!

Final Verdict: 6/10
I don’t really have all that much to say about the 55. It’s just a fairly meh shuttle that runs when the ridership isn’t high enough to support the 22 and 33. Basically, you’re in for a slow, quiet ride in a 60-foot bus with very few people on it.

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