I know I should be working on my New York posts, but high school started last week so I’ve been pretty busy. I did want to write about this interesting bus, though. Normally I just walk to Harvard from the Rindge and Latin and take the train home, but I decided to take this special 83 once. It only runs once a day at 2:40 (there aren’t any trips to the high school, for some reason), though the MBTA runs two buses along the route

That’s a very good thing, because it was packed. Think of a school bus filled with really annoying kids, then make half of them stand. Add a driver that lets some kids in without paying but makes others do it, and it’s pretty much a recipe for torture.

The bus started out at Broadway @ Felton Street, a short walk from the school. We soon turned on Quincy Street and then Cambridge Street, going through a tunnel. Instead of going into Harvard Square like other buses, however, we headed onto Mass Ave going north. No one got on or off the bus along this stretch, and it wasn’t until we turned onto Rindge Ave that people started to hit the stop request button.

I was very happy when the ride ended. Though I had the benefit of a seat, it was still extremely uncomfortable and an awful ride. It wasn’t as bad as that bus to the Toronto Zoo, but let’s never mention that one again. For a more detailed look at the route along Mass Ave, I direct you to my 77 review. And here’s the review of the 83 proper.

Route: 83 (Broadway @ Felton Street – Rindge Ave)

Ridership: Don’t even get me started!

Pros: This is essentially a school bus for students who live along Rindge Ave and in that area. It definitely minimizes walking time, but…

Cons: Even with the walking the train is still faster. Plus it’s not as crowded and the people are more civilized (though if the bus driver likes you, and he didn’t seem to like me, you can get in for free). I find it interesting that the MBTA doesn’t do a trip to the high school in the morning, Why not?

Nearby and Noteworthy: Nothing that hasn’t been talked about before. See the 77 review, linked above.

Final Verdict: I’m not going to give this a numbered score, since I’m biased against it due to the ride itself and the driver making me pay while others didn’t have to. It serves its function as a school bus well, but it would probably make sense to do an inbound trip in the morning, too.