Up next on this B Line tour, we’ve got two stops that achieved “appearing on the map” status before the map started showing every station. That’s right, we’re taking a look at BU East and BU Central, two stations that are rather close together. Well, okay, most stations on the B are ridiculously close together, but still…

The platform at BU East.

Well, let’s start with the positives first. I complained about the lack of ADA platforms at Blandford Street, but both of these stations have ’em! This area also has the nicest part of the B Line right-of-way, with bushes and trees lined up along the tracks. Finally, large fences separate the stations from the road itself, so they feel safer overall.

Standing between the two tracks at BU Central.

However, both of these stations feature a strange lack of amenities. Yes, they have two shelters on each side, but the shelters don’t have benches under them! There are just a few random benches sporadically placed around the platform. Both inbound sides also feature a really lame trash bin that’s just kinda…there.

A train leaving BU East.

Stations: Boston University East and Central

Ridership: Both stops get pretty high ridership, with 1,747 people per day for BU East and 2,194 people per day for BU Central. Obviously the main demographic for these stations is students.

Pros: Conceptually, these stations could be E Line stations. They have similar shelters, rather nice right-of-ways, and ADA platforms.

Cons: However, they have one major flaw that just grinds my gears: no benches under the shelters. How hard is it to just stick a bench under there? Blandford Street managed to do it just fine!

Nearby and Noteworthy: It’s all in the names: BU buildings are the order of the day here.

Final Verdict: 6/10
These would be fine stations if they actually had benches that were in the right places! Instead, they both have perfectly fine shelters, but nothing under them. What a wasted opportunity – if the common courtesy of putting benches under shelters can be considered an “opportunity”.

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