Aha! We’ve finally hit a gold mine, people! Well…more like a mine of gold that’s really kinda lame and low quality, but better than what’s in the other mines surrounding it. Yes, we’ve arrived at Washington Street, and it’s…passable?

The platform!

Yes, Washington Street has ADA platforms! And proper barriers protecting passengers from traffic! And wheelchair ramps at the ends of the platforms! And a modern shelter on each side! And…no benches under them. Oh come on, really? Why can’t the B ever get this right?? Darn it…

I’m kinda cheating a bit, but here’s a train en route between Sutherland Road and Washington Street.

Station: Washington Street

Ridership: This is a major station on the B, and it has the fifth-highest ridership on the line, with 1,885 people per weekday. It’s kinda funny that nearby Warren Street actually gets more people, though, despite not being as major of a station in the T’s eyes.

Pros: We have proper platforms again! We have proper barriers again! We have proper shelters again!

Cons: But still no darn benches! The B gets so crowded that many people aren’t able to sit on the train, so why not let them sit at the station, at least?

Nearby and Noteworthy: There are some businesses here, but you’re not gonna find too much of note unless you walk (or take the 65) to Brighton Center, a little over a mile away.

Final Verdict: 6/10
Well, we’re basically at the level of the Boston University stations again. And honestly, Washington Street is slightly worse than those stations (it only has one shelter on each side, for example), but it’s a lot better than what’s around it. And as we head further west? Abandon all hope ye who enter…

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