Okay, it’s time for our final trio! Our final…boring trio. Yeah, these stations aren’t too special. I do have memories of hanging out at Dean Road and watching the trains with my dad when I was really little, though, so that counts for something.

The platform at Tappan Street.
The “plaza” at Dean Road.
Englewood Avenue‘s platform.

Alas, all three stations have their shelters on the outbound platform once again. That’s especially weird by this point, when we’re essentially at the end of the line! The inbound platforms are at least less decrepit than the Hawes-Kent-Saint Paul trio, though. Indeed, all three are comparable to those stops – Tappan Street and Englewood Ave are the same thing as Hawes Street, while Dean Road is the same thing as Kent Street. Well…this is all a bit anticlimactic, isn’t it?

Lots o’ great train pictures along this section!
Some close headways..
A meet at Englewood Avenue.

Stations: Tappan Street, Dean Road, and Englewood Avenue

Ridership: All three stations get pretty low ridership: Tappan Street gets 674 riders per weekday, Dean Road gets 398, and Englewood Ave gets 555. These are pretty local areas, after all.

Pros: Well, it can definitely be said that the stations are very pretty, thanks to the ever-beautiful C Line right-of-way.

Cons: But yeah, these stations have all the same problems as Hawes, Kent, and Saint Paul Streets. Why are the shelters on the outbound side? Why are the platforms so decrepit? These questions and more shall never be answered…

Nearby and Noteworthy: Tappan Street has a very charming business block alongside it, but the rest of Beacon Street is mostly apartments until Cleveland Circle.

Final Verdict: 5/10
I mean, these three stations are almost exactly the same as Hawes, Kent, and Saint Paul Streets, so of course they’re going to get the same score. I’m just worried about the B Line, where almost all of the stops are the same – and that right-of-way isn’t even pretty! But the B is for another day.

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