These C stations are just too good! Washington Square is one of the line’s “accessible” stops, which means it has a lot more amenities than what we’ve been seeing before. Let’s take a look.

The platforms.

The station feels a lot like an E Line stop, with wide platforms and shelters on both sides. There are other benches in the open air to provide more seating, too. The station has a few wastebaskets, as well, and wheelchair lifts on both sides (not that you need them with low-floor trains).

A clock!

Washington Square has a few other amenities, too. There’s a Hubway station here, while at the western end of the platform, there’s a small plaza on either side of the tracks. They both feature some benches, with bike racks on one and newspaper boxes on the other. The best part is the clock on the northern plaza, though! It adds a bunch of character to the station.

A train at the station.

Station: Washington Square

Ridership: This is a key station on the C, although admittedly the least-used of the four – it’s slightly below average for Green Line stations overall. It gets an average of 1,091 riders per weekday.

Pros: The station itself is great, with typical wide platforms and normal shelters. The other amenities add a lot, too, such as the bike parking and (most of all) the clock. There’s also a bus connection here with the 65 – the stops aren’t much, but it’s not like the 65 is a busy route.

Cons: Weirdly, the level crossing on one side of the station is completely inaccessible – one side of it has a step to the platform, while the other side doesn’t meet the platform at all!

Nearby and Noteworthy: Washington Square has many businesses and restaurants around the station.

Final Verdict: 8/10
I’d put this station on the same level as Saint Marys Street. Their platforms are essentially equivalent, but while Saint Marys Street got an 8 because of lack of character, Washington Square gets an 8 because of the weird inaccessible crossing. There’s definitely a lot of character here, though.

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