Ah, now we’re returning to civilization! Though I have to ask – why did they build a level crossing here? I mean, Central Ave is a busy street! Not only that, but there aren’t barriers that come down when a train comes through. Maybe you don’t “do” that with light rail, but it seems like a potential safety issue. Well, anyway, let’s take a look at Central Ave.

I probably should’ve waited for that train to leave…

Okay, the layout of these platforms is ridiculous. The inbound side has a shelter but no bench, while the outbound side has a bench but no shelter. Really? I mean, at least put a bench under the inbound shelter for a nicer waiting experience. This just really frustrates me.

The inbound platform.

The station also has a very dingy feel to it. On the inbound side, there’s a chain link fence between the platform and…I don’t know, the foundation of a building or something. There’s also a totally busted payphone and a beat-up recycling bin. Yeah, Central Ave is not my most favorite of stations.

A train coming into the station.

Station: Central Avenue

Ridership: This is the second most-used station on the MHSL, yet it’s only a third of Mattapan’s ridership. Central Ave gets 521 riders per weekday, and like the rest of the MHSL, they’re mostly locals.

Pros: Well, Central Ave is accessible, which is a plus, I guess. And it’s in a reasonably busy area, so it serves a lot.

Cons: But the fact that it’s busy makes the level crossing more annoying. What if there’s traffic and the trolleys can’t make it through? Also, what if a collision were to occur? There aren’t any barriers, after all. Other than that, the platform layout is just ridiculous, and the station feels pretty dingy overall.

Nearby and Noteworthy: There are businesses close by, both south and north of the station. Of course, I have nothing specific.

Final Verdict: 4/10
This was definitely my least favorite station on the MHSL. It’s dingy, the platform layout makes no sense, and the level crossing is an annoyance. I guess it does get somewhat high ridership, at least for the MHSL, but there aren’t any benches to sit at for those going to Ashmont. They just have to stand, I suppose.

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