Being a Red Line user, the Silver Line is the much more efficient way of getting to the airport for me. But for Blue, Orange, and Green Line (before Government Center was closed) users, Airport Station is more direct. And most tourists would probably use the station too. Luckily for them, this place is fantastic.

Just look at this platform! It’s beautiful!

I love the platform – the whole thing is sheltered. Not only that, but the ceiling is really high. It’s very well lit, with lots of natural light getting in (the line is above ground here). There’s lots of historical information lining the walls, and quite a few benches, too. Things seem to end up in the rafters a lot, though.

The center of the platform.

In the center of the platform, the ceilings get very high to accommodate two footbridges. They go between the main mezzanine and the Bremen Street entrance – one within fare control and one outside. This center portion has some really high windows, which have some cool artwork on them. And we can’t forget about how Blue Line trains switch power at Airport!

The beautiful main mezzanine.

The main mezzanine is huge. It has a bunch of fare gates, anticipating huge crowds. Aside from schedules for every bus route on the system, there’s also a handy-dandy board showing departures to and arrivals from the airport. It does have an abundance of airline ads, but there are also these really cool payphones that look like rocket capsules about to take off. Also, there are some really random brochures. Why is there a brochure for Toronto at Boston’s airport?

The busway.

The busway where the airport shuttle buses pick up is pretty simple. It’s a simple shelter running down the length of a sidewalk. There are some benches along it, too. The busway has a second lane, which is unsheltered and only meant for buses dropping people off. Airport Station is also served by the early-morning 171 bus, and once they build the Silver Line to Chelsea, that will be stopping here, too.

The much smaller Bremen Street mezzanine.

The station’s second entrance is on the other side. Its mezzanine is much less grand than the main one, with only two fare gates. That’s not to say it’s dirty or ugly, though. Indeed, this whole station is really modern and clean. The Bremen Street entrance probably doesn’t get as much use, though, so only two fare gates are necessary.

It’s so big!

The station looks really big if you look at it from the Bremen Street side. This entrance leads to a pedestrian path that goes over and under two highways, and into a nice-looking park. This then goes to a residential neighborhood, though unfortunately there’s no T symbol outside the park.

You can see the portal in the background.

UPDATE 4/22/18: The SL3 stops here now, so I figured I would update this review to talk about that part of the station. This is copied and pasted from my SL3 stations review:
Alright, it would appear that Airport Station didn’t get any kind of modernization. So…we’ve still got poles with paint peeling, rusting benches that have been here for years, and maps that don’t even say that the SL3 exists. (UPDATE 4/24/18: the maps have been updated!) Our one indication that a bus stops here is the smallest berth signs ever that hang from the roof of the shelter.


Station: Airport

Ridership: As you might expect, this station gets pretty high ridership for the Blue Line. Its 7,429 daily riders make it the second-busiest non-transfer Blue Line station. And not all these people are going to the airport – there are also residents of nearby neighborhoods who use this station.

Pros: I mean, I just love everything about this station. It’s all sheltered, it’s beautiful, and the mezzanine has some fantastic amenities. It’s annoying that you have to take a shuttle bus to get to the airport itself, but imagine how expensive it would be to give the airport direct train service. The shuttle buses run pretty frequently, anyway, and this is the most direct link for those who use the Blue, Green, and Orange Lines.

Cons: I just wish there was a T logo on Bremen Street. How expensive can it be to put simple signs up?

Nearby and Noteworthy: The airport, I guess. There are some businesses along nearby Bennington Street, too.

Final Verdict: 9/10
Airport Station is beautiful. I love all the station’s aesthetics, and it has some great amenities in the main mezzanine. Something I didn’t mention was the elevator in the mezzanine that was double the size of a normal elevator, which was amazing to discover! I just wish there was a sign on Bremen Street, but I guess you can’t have everything. Even though a sign wouldn’t be too hard to install!
UPDATE 4/22/18: Since the Silver Line station is technically part of Airport, this score should really be dropped to something like a 7/10, so…yeah…
UPDATE 6/23/19: But now the berth signs are bigger! I dunno, a 7 seems unfair, the score should be updated to an 8/10.

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