In my post about the 30, I mentioned how I desperately wanted to visit the Bay State Model Railroad Museum, and how it’s only open Wednesday nights. Well, twice a year they do an open house, and one of them is this weekend. My mother and I got the chance to go, and after my experience, I would recommend it to anyone. Outside, there’s a small sign and a windowless metal door. Upon entering, there’s a long set of stairs. It’s not very inviting, but when you get to the top… well, I’ll let these photos and videos speak for themselves:  
A lot of care has been put into the set pieces.
A great rendition of Roslindale Village.
Though it doesn’t move like the other trains, this is an accurate model of the Amtrak Acela.
The trolley models feature realistic wires above.
The models feature cars and people, too!
Normally, people can control the track switches, but during the open houses, the employees try to avoid crashes.
Most of the trains also make noises. It can get loud in there!
One of the towns in the museum. They’re all based on real places.
“AUGH! Who’s this giant man?”
There are many different tracks in the museum.
This is only part of the complicated map of the tracks!
A model Commuter Rail locomotive…
…Compared to the real one!
…compared to the real one!
Old-school Boeing LRV Green Line car…
…compared to the real one!
A model PCC car…

Please excuse the fact that the annoying majority of the second video is me doing nothing. Anyway, I would definitely recommend this amazing place! But you have to hurry, as the museum is only open from 11-4 tomorrow.