Wow. I didn’t know what to expect as I walked into the old building in Hamburg with “Miniatur Wunderland” written on it. It turned out to be an absolutely amazing place. It’s the largest model rail system in the world, and it’s still being expanded. It has seven different “worlds,” as well as a day-night cycle! This post will mostly be pictures, much like my Bay State Model Railway Museum post.

Switzerland: Switzerland is the largest world in Miniatur Wunderland. Its main feature is the Matterhorn, a massive mountain that’s 6 meters high.
I’d hate to be on that bus.

A large fair of sorts.

This is what’s powering the trains.

A railway station.

A ski lift.

A subway station.

A castle in the mountains.

A nice town.

Another view of the town.

Another view.

Another station.

There was clever flag placement in the models.

A station at night.

A station and a village.

These mountains are HUGE!

My favorite picture of the bunch.
High view of a Swiss village.
More massive mountains.

Another train.
“Look at that kid on the ferris wheel – sorry, tire swing!”

Bavaria: Bavaria is a much smaller world. Its main attraction is Neuschwanstein Castle, which is made of almost 4,000 individual parts.

This lets you see the scale of the models.

Another view of the bridge.

Neuschwanstein Castle, as well as a big blimp.

A large crowd to see a tractor-pulling competition.

A lovely view of a train going by a house.

Knuffingen Airport: This is the newest as well as the most impressive world. Planes actually land and taxi  around in this airport. There are also terminals, a parking lot, and a hotel.

Yes, there is an arrivals-departures board.

Some planes with Bavaria in the background.

Airport view from Bavaria.

Some large planes pulling into their gates.

A plane and its hangar.

A parking lot.

Some smaller planes.

Looks familiar!

A close-up of a terminal.

Some planes at night.
The plane did actually go in a few minutes later.
This is simply amazing.

Austria: Another small one. This one has a small mountain with skiers.

A funicular climbing up the mountain.

A cute little port.

Ice skating!

The aforementioned skiers.

The aforementioned mountain.

A mountainside with villages 

Is that a church behind the station? I think that’s a church.


A lovely ski lift ride.

Knuffingen: A quaint little town/city. I suppose this is the place that has Knuffingen Airport in it in real life.

They have a great sense of humor at Miniatur Wunderland.

Knuffingen at night.

Knuffingen in the daytime.

An industrial area of Knuffingen.


This lets you see the model scale well.

This is the completely fictional Knuffingen Central Station.

A train at Knuffingen Central Station.

As you can see, the cars and trucks actually move.

Yet another view of Knuffingen.

And another.
I love little details like this car wash.

Middle Germany: My favorite part of Middle Germany is the funfair, which has 30,000 lights.

The funfair.

A large parade.

The funfair ferris wheel.

The funfair at night.

Some hills upon entering Middle Germany.

The banner says “Miniatur Wunderland.”

A rather grim scene of a corpse in the water.

A streetcar going through a nice village.

A much smaller fair.

America: The America world includes parts of Florida, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, Mount Rushmore (neither of which I even saw), and Las Vegas.

This is Key West according to the map we got.

As far as I know, there is definitely no train service to Key West.
Miami’s main drag.

Some trees in Florida.
The classic sign!

I took this monorail once in real life, and it wasn’t very useful.

A Las Vegas train station.
The suburbs of Las Vegas.
Las Vegas downtown. There are many recognizable hotels and landmarks here.

Look familiar?

A small desert town.

Some cacti.


There was an actual movie playing here.


These planes should be careful flying this low.


A small desert town.

A fictional tunnel between Hamburg and America.
This should be familiar!

Hamburg: There are many landmarks in Hamburg that are featured in the model.

A harbor.

One of those contests where you bet on a square and if the cow you-know-whats on your square, you win.


Some beautiful canals and buildings.

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof.

Another major station.

A harbor in Hamburg.

The Imtech Arena was very cool.

These cars on the Kohlbrand Bridge are going to run the camera over!

A large tower.

A harbor and part of Hamburg.

A major train station.

Hauptbahnhof again.

A streetcar.

Hamburg skyline.

The Kohlbrand Bridge.

Scandinavia: I actually didn’t take pictures of part of Scandinavia because my camera battery ran out. I got a lot of it, though.

Three views of the same cruise ship.

A trippy garden.

A trippy watering can.

A nice little station.

There was actually real water in this harbor.

Surf’s up!

A small village.

An island in the middle of the real water.

A monorail.

A large station.

The Storebaelt is the longest bridge in Miniatur Wunderland.

The Storebaelt in the daytime.

A cute little balloon.

Hamburg’s History: There is also a very interesting set of models about Hamburg’s history. I didn’t take too many pictures, but here are the few I did take:

A tiny train station.
Really tiny version of the Hamburg subway map.

A view of modern Hamburg.

Control Console: Visitors can see the control console of the Miniatur Wunderland.


Two views of the train’s-eye view cameras in the control console.

So that’s my trip to Miniatur Wunderland! There is also a restaurant and a gift shop here, and they are still expanding the trains. Next up is Italy, which is under construction. Finally, here are links to their website and their Facebook page. I’ll be posting about my experiences in London next, so see you then!