A lot has happened in 2018. I’ve ridden the first trip of a new commuter rail line, conquered the bus from hell, and even changed domains and started writing about Philadelphia for some reason! As it stands, the vast majority of my viewership is still from Massachusetts (represent!), so hopefully the blog can stir up some interest in Philly this coming year. That doesn’t mean I’m done with New England, though – the backlog for Miles on the MBTA is intense, and as long as I’m still going back there for breaks, the jurisdiction will just keep on growing. Every bus route in Massachusetts? Sure! Every bus route in Rhode Island? Definitely! Every bus route in New England? You never know!

So thank you all for sticking with me, whether you’ve been reading all six years or whether you’re one of my Penn friends reading the blog because I wouldn’t shut up about the fact that you should totally read the blog. Here’s to another amazing year…we’re gonna accomplish some fantastic things.