What would you say is the route on the MBTA that requires the most work?

This is a very interesting question, and my default answer for this one is always the 70. This is a very long, very important route from Central Square, Cambridge to Central Square, Waltham. Or Cedarwood. Or Market Place Drive. Or Watertown Square. Or North Waltham on 70A trips. Already it’s clear this route has too many darn variants, and the way they all fit together is even worse – the number of weird quirks in the schedule that don’t make sense at all is immense. The most immediate fix for the 70 would be to relegate the 70A to a loop around Waltham. The base schedule for the route would still need some heavy-duty tinkering, but it’s a start. Thanks for writing in, Maggie!
It’s official: this makes no sense.