Hey, it’s an Old Colony station that actually has something noteworthy about it! It’s just too bad that one noteworthy thing is also terrible…but we’ll get to that. Here’s Halifax!

Coming into the station.

It starts out pretty boring, though. The station is, of course, located in the complete middle of nowhere, although the tracks don’t go anywhere near Halifax’s center, so I’ll give it a pass. A long road leads to the station’s entrance and parking lot, with 402 spaces. There is also a bike rack near the entrance, with 8 spaces.

Looking down the platforms.

The platforms are completely standard for the Old Colony. They’re high-level, with shelters, advertisements, screens, benches, and wastebaskets. The platform stretches into the woods for a while, with mostly signs and benches, although there is an extra shelter on one of the sides. Which side is it? Hang on…

The extra shelter.

There’s no signage saying where the trains go! All passengers get is “Platform #1” and “Platform #2.” Maybe this is common knowledge and I just didn’t know it, but I had to use this page to figure out that “Platform 1” means outbound and “Platform 2” means inbound. Although strangely, our train to Boston boarded on Platform 2. Soooooo…now I’m confused…?

Hey, you’re on the wrong side!
Station: Halifax
Ridership: Poor ol’ Halifax…it’s the least-used station on the Plymouth/Kingston Line (well, except for miserable Plymouth), with 464 inbound riders per weekday. 
Pros: Well, it’s got its classic Old Colony bits to it. There’s the high-level platform, the big parking lot, and plenty of seating space.
Cons: What is up with the signage here? I could just be “out of the loop,” but are most people aware of the fact that Platform 1 is outbound while Platform 2 is inbound? It seems a little obscure. Not to mention the fact that the inbound train boarded on 1, but I assume that’s just typical Commuter Rail craziness…? This whole thing baffles me!
Nearby and Noteworthy: Uhhhhh…nope.
Final Verdict: 5/10
It doesn’t take much for an Old Colony station to lose points. Sure, a normal one will get a 7, but throw in one little imperfection and BOOM! Down go the points. Yeah, how hard is it to say “Trains to Boston” and “Outbound Trains” or something? This track business is confusing…although so is the fact that the train didn’t even board on the right one. Arghhhhhh!
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