This station has some weird, inconsistent naming. So, I’m pretty sure it’s called Fairbanks Street – at least, that’s what Google Maps says. That said, the MBTA station page and the Blue Book both refer to it as just Fairbanks. And the station page says that the stop is located at Fairbanks Avenue! Oh well, it’s still an amazing stop regardless.

The outbound platform.

Like Brandon Hall, Fairbanks Street is on the super scenic part of Beacon Street where one side of the road is higher than the other. A staircase leads up to the higher westbound side of the street, where more amazing automatic crosswalks will help you across (they trigger a flashing light for cars when you walk through a set of bollards).


The station is functional, too. Its outbound platform is bare, which makes sense, while the inbound side has a shelter, wastebasket, and newspaper box. As a side note, there is also a great ribbon formed out of flowers at the station. It’s a really nice thing to see…

A train at the station.

Station: Fairbanks Street

Ridership: This is another one of the least-used stations on the Green Line (although only fifth-worst on the C), with an average of 444 riders per weekday.

Pros: Like Brandon Hall, this is a very pretty stop that’s also functional. It has its shelter on the correct platform, while the flower ribbon adds a nice bit of character.

Cons: Another similarity to Brandon Hall is this station’s close proximity to its neighbors. To be honest, Fairbanks Street and Brandon Hall could probably be consolidated into one stop and it wouldn’t matter much.

Nearby and Noteworthy: Lots o’ apartments. Yeah,

Final Verdict: 9/10
I would argue that Fairbanks Street is slightly better than Brandon Hall, if only because I love that flower ribbon. However, I still wouldn’t consider Fairbanks to be good enough for a 10, since its platform is iffy in terms of its condition, like most of the C. Still…great station.

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