Jeeves! Bring me a fine cup of tea, please! Hang on, Butler’s a street? Butler Street? Oh…well that makes this station significantly more boring, then. Despite having no actual butlers, though, Butler Station is a unique one. Let’s see why.

Ta-da! A center platform!
Yes, Butler only has one platform, and it’s in the middle. In terms of the amenities, it’s the same as any other MHSL station, including a bench, wastebasket, and wheelchair ramp. However, the center platform raises some questions. Namely, where do you wait for the train? I know the PCC’s have left-hand doors, but I saw people just waiting off to the side in order to get on the right side. Let me know in the comments how the boarding here works.
All right, parking!
Butler Street is split by the station, so both exits lead to it. The first and probably more used one leads to a residential area. It also goes to the station’s parking lot, which offers 40 spaces. There is a minuscule amount of people who use this lot, but it’s nice that it’s there.
The other exit.
On the other side, there’s another exit. This one is a ramp that, after some twists and turns, leads to the other side of Butler Street. This neighborhood is much smaller, though it does have an apartment building that probably generates some riders.
A train coming in.
Station: Butler
Ridership: It’s pretty low, but for the MHSL it isn’t bad. Butler gets an average of 143 riders per weekday, and I assume pretty much all of them are locals.
Pros: Butler still has all the amenities of any MHSL station, plus it has a parking lot! I like how there’s access to both sides of Butler Street, even if the southern side is a smaller neighborhood.
Cons: The whole center platform thing has me confused. I’m really not sure how people are supposed to board here. That said, I’m sure the locals know how to do it.
Nearby and Noteworthy: Don’t bother. Milton’s one stop away.
Final Verdict: 7/10
This station has all the elements that make up every MHSL station, which is a good thing. The fact that it has a parking lot is great, even if barely anyone uses it. I’m still confused about the whole center platform thing, but other than that, Butler is a solid station. And now it’s time to head through the marshes and the graveyard to our final stop on this little adventure – Cedar Grove!
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