Who knew? One of the cons in my Maverick post was that the station seemingly only had one entrance. That’s what it seems like, anyway – when you’re at a train station, you naturally gravitate towards the area with a bunch of fare gates that everyone else is heading for. Turns out, though, on the other end of the station, there is a tiny area with only two fare gates that also leads outside. It’s quite a sight when you come out; with a big expanse of swampland, and beyond that Boston Harbor and the city. The view is phenomenal from here, although I don’t think anyone would have any use for this exit unless they live in the nearby projects.

As I said, it’s a bit small.
The modern entrance looks a bit out of place to me.
A neat rock sculpture, with the elevator alternative in view.
This is the sort of neighborhood I’m talking about.
A bit of a strange view, but a good one.