You may remember my hatred for the 188 bus in London because it drove right past my mother and I at the bus stop. Well, it happened again, this time right in Boston. I was taking my mother out to the MFA, and I managed to somehow convince her to take the bus home. I told her that the 47 would cut the journey by a lot and also save us from dealing with the E Line. Right when we exited the MFA, we saw a bus on Ruggles Street. Getting closer, we saw it was the 47. The bus had already past the Huntington Ave stop, and was speeding towards The Fenway. My mother tried to yell to the driver, “Where’s the next stop?” but he just pretended he didn’t notice. I broke away and ran after the bus up until the next light. I was standing right outside the doors, and still the driver pretended I wasn’t there. The light changed to green, and the 47 sped away. We had to go back to the bus stop, wait for a really long time, and ended up getting a CT2 “Limited Stops” express service to Kendall. Unfortunately, the bus barely skipped any stops whatsoever and got stuck in a massive traffic jam. Express bus, my foot.