LIVESTREAM ANNOUNCEMENT: Shortest Amtrak Trip in the US!

IT'S OFFICIAL: I will be LIVESTREAMING TOMORROW (Friday, June 18th) at 8:45 PM to ride the shortest Amtrak journey in the United States - 1 whole minute from New Haven Union Station to New Haven State Street! You should come!! If I'm not mistaken, the livestream...

I Spent $19 to Take Amtrak to Roanoke

682 miles for 19 bucks ain't bad.

Newton Connection RailBus

Print posts are back! Er...kind of. As you probably know, I've exclusively been making YouTube videos for the past 3 months or so, and it's been a ton of fun! Lots of people has been watching and the channel has been growing, and that's been really exciting to see -...

Connecticut Made Its Buses Free…We Took Advantage

We probably singlehandedly bankrupted the state.

Someone on the Internet Challenged Me to a Race…

It all started with an email.

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