This is Endicott. It’s just Endicott. Cool, can I end the review now? Okay, okay, fine, we’ll look at Islington.

The entrance.

Okay, one thing I’ll say about this stop is that it has a really unassuming entrance from Carroll Ave, and that’s kinda cool. It feels like you’re walking into someone’s driveway! The only indication that there’s a Commuter Rail station here is one of those tiny purple “Commuter Rail station” signs with an arrow on it that you often see on major roads. There’s another entrance on the other side of the station via the tiny Grafton Ave as well.

This is it. Literally.

The platform really is that short. The outbound side is just a sign and a wastebasket. The inbound side is a bigger sign, an LED board, a shelter, and…another wastebasket. Cool! Islington is flanked on either side with little parking lots, adding up to 39 spaces. There are also two bike spaces on each platform.

The shelter.

Station: Islington

Ridership: This station is tiny, I’m sure it only gets…844 inbound riders per day???? Okay, that’s gotta be a typo. Yeah, I think it is – the Blue Book claims that, but the CTPS counts from 2012 say the station just got 80 inbound riders per day. My guess is that the Blue Book accidentally added an extra 4 to the end of the number, because ridership definitely didn’t go up by over 1000% in a year! So…around 80 per day.

Pros: I mean, it does its job, I guess. Look, the inbound side has a shelter! Look, there’s parking! Look, there are bike spaces!

Cons: This is a very niche station, shall we say. It almost exclusively serves the neighborhood around it, especially since Dedham Corporate Center with its big park-and-ride is insanely close. Also, why wouldn’t you drive the extra five minutes to Dedham Corporate Center – it’s in Zone 2, while this stop is in Zone 3! I’m sure most Islington riders just walk, but it seems silly for anyone to drive here when they could go for five more minutes and save almost 30 bucks every month. Finally, why the heck isn’t this station a flag stop? Come on, we’re talking about 80 people per day here.

Nearby and Noteworthy: There are some businesses down on Washington Street, as well as a bus connection with the 34E.

Final Verdict: 2/10
This is like the West Gloucester of the Franklin Line. Islington is exclusively for the neighborhood around it and nothing else, and there’s seriously no reason to use it unless you’re walking to it. The station itself is barebones, and I get that, but there’s very little to like about it aside from the really pleasant atmosphere waiting on it. I mean, if you’re looking for a neighborhood station with a ton of atmosphere, just go to Silver Hill! A car is recommended…

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