Here’s another one from Mike N. Enjoy!

In my recent review-writing spree, I wanted to do some more Worcester line stations. Coming back from my dentist appointment, my mom let me hop out of the car for a few minutes at West Natick and I reviewed the station.

Starting with the station’s only entrance, it is very presentable. It has a nice drop off area, a pay phone, and a shelter. Under the shelter there are benches.

Down the inbound platform, it is completely bare aside from a few trash cans, until you get to the mini high. It is fully accessible, with a bench and shelter. The outbound side has the same setup.

Once we get to the outbound platform, it is also completely bare, with trash cans, a map for the system, and a decrepit sign. Too bad I can’t put a picture up. Also, there is a level crossing for people to get in between platforms. It doesn’t make it timely, because it is a long way from the mini highs.

Now, onto the parking lot. It is a nice parking lot, but it doesn’t have enough spaces. I have heard that this lot fills up by 6:30 A.M, despite is proximity to Framingham. This is one of the busier stations on the Worcester line, so add some more parking!

Station: West Natick

Pros: It’s accessible, gets heavy ridership, has proper benches and shelters, and even though the mini highs are small, it kind of adds to the hole in the wall, small town feel of the station.

Cons: Aside from the mini highs, the platforms are completely bare, and it doesn’t make me feel good. Also the decrepit sign. The station also lacks parking. This is a very busy station, and the lot fills up by 6:30 A.M!

Final Verdict 6/10
It’s accessible, the mini highs were nice, it has shelter, and it has a nice, small town, hole in the wall feel. However, the MBTA needs to add some benches along both platforms to make sure that they aren’t completely bare. Also, the level crossing isn’t in the most convenient place, either. Also, add some more parking! The station lot gets filled up by 6:30 am, for heaven’s sake!