I take the Lowell line in everyday. I have never seen or heard of anyone stopping at Mishawum. I am doing research on Mishawum and I have a theory and wanted to hear your input. There is a 4:22 PM train from Lowell to Boston which goes through Mishawum. I think this is a drug set up or gang thing. You see the cultural phenomena of 4/20 and this is two minutes after that. Additionally, it is sketchy as f*** and has junk everywhere and nobody uses it since it is a ghost station. There are some parts that are abandoned and closed off by the cops, maybe they are in on it too.
Since you have reviewed Mishawum, I wanted to ask if you agree with my theory or if it is incorrect? I hope you don’t think I am joking; I am honestly very committed to this theory.

Uhh…let’s agree to disagree.