Mike N. sent in another guest post, this time of the terminus of the Franklin Line:

Thanks to my uncle Robert, I was able to get some footage and review the station at the end of the Franklin Line. Let’s hop right into this review!

The station is very snowy, however the T plowed out the walkways and the platform, so it still has some use. The mini high is indeed very generic, with no benches to sit on, however it is fully sheltered and makes the station accessible, which is a plus. Down the platform, there is nothing but chipping advertisement boards. The other platform is completely bare as well.

Now, to the station building. I don’t know what exactly is inside, because it is closed on weekends, but outside there is a nice shelter, newspaper boxes, and a vending machine. Across from the building is some bike spaces, which were empty because of the snow, but at least the station encourages people to use alternate forms of transportation to get to it. In terms of parking, there is tons of that at Forge Park. There are two massive lots, with the total amount of spaces coming to 716, along with the bike racks. The other platform does indeed have track crossings so people can get to the amenity-filled platform, but when a train is stopped at the station, they have the doors open on both sides, which is convenient if you have to make a mad dash to the train.

Station: Forge Park/495

Pros: This station gets a ton of ridership, has adequate amounts of parking, good amenities, good shelter, it’s accessible, it encourages bikers, and it has some GATRA shuttles that run from here for commuters.

Cons: Not much, but I just wish that there were some benches riddled across the platform, especially because there isn’t one in the mini high. They should add one there too. Also, if they had the station building hours changed a little bit, that would be helpful when it is cold.

Final Verdict: 8/10
This is a nice station.The station building gives the station some pizazz, there is adequate parking, it’s accessible, and it accommodates bikers. I just wish the advertisements weren’t chipping, it kind of drains character from the station. Also, some benches are needed along the platform and under the mini high.