Wow, who knew the Logan Airport Ferry Terminal had this much…infrastructure? I guess I wasn’t expecting a building and everything – in my head I thought it would just be a dock – so this was a very welcome surprise! Is the terminal any good, though? Let’s find out.

The building’s exterior.

The outside of the terminal is pretty basic – it’s just a white building, with some paint chipping on the roof. Around it is a brick patio with a wastebasket and a newspaper box on one side of the building. A shelter from the building leads out to the busway, where although there are no benches, there’s plenty of waiting space inside.

The inside of the building.

Wow…this was unexpected! The inside of the building is beautiful! It has a really cool circlular design, and enough natural light comes from the plentiful windows that all the artificial bulbs were off. There are some amazing panoramic photos all around of people swimming that add a bunch of atmosphere, as well as some collage artwork on two of the walls.

Some information.

One other thing this building is in abundance of is information…but is it correct? No, it’s actually rather inconsistent and outdated. A placard about the 66 (featuring a picture of a really old bus on the route) says the route runs every 12 minutes, while the sign outside claims it goes every 24. Also…”accessability.” Beautiful.

The outside area.

Outside, there’s a lovely view of Boston, as well as some more information, mostly about the water taxi. Speaking of the water taxi, the way to summon it from here is amazing – there’s literally a yellow box with a walkie-talkie attached to it! That’s just incredible!

Somewhere within the mess of dock ramps…

The docks here really leave something to be desired. The ramps themselves are kind of a mess, with way more than necessary, and if you look down, you can see the cold water billowing underneath the path. I guess a dock doesn’t have to be too great, but this one felt old and falling apart.

Well, I HAD to do a bunch of boat pictures with THIS view, didn’t I?

Station: Logan Airport Ferry Terminal

Ridership: According to the MBTA Blue Book, ridership on the Quincy Ferry to the airport (sorry, that’s the only information available – I know the Quincy Ferry doesn’t exist anymore) apparently totaled about 96 people per day! That’s a lot more than I was expecting, and I wonder if that still holds true on the Hingham/Hull to Logan Airport ferry today. The Water Taxi has low, but consistent, ridership, picking up or dropping off about 2-3 people every 10 minutes or so (at least from what we saw).

Pros: The inside of the waiting room is just lovely, with the great circle design, beautiful photos, and lots of seating space. The outdoor area is pretty good, too – I love the walkie-talkie to signal water taxis, while the view of the city is top-notch.

Cons: Still, parts of the terminal are definitely showing their age. The paint chipping from the roof of the building’s shelter is a big one, while the inconsistent and outdated information is another. The dock is also a borderline mess, with its rickety ramps and decrepit appearance.

Nearby and Noteworthy: Come on, are you really going to take a boat to the airport? Unless you’re coming from Hingham or Hull, which does make sense (but $18.50 per ride is a lot), boat fares are usually ridiculous. Taking a T ferry costs $9.25, while the water taxi (using tiny, rocky boats) is a whopping $12.00. The Blue and Silver Lines are both much faster, and they only cost $2.25!

Final Verdict: 6/10
I gotta say, this terminal was a pleasant surprise! Who knew the Logan Airport Ferry Terminal would have so many amenities? My favorite part of this place is most definitely the inside of the building – those panoramic photos of the water with people swimming are just gorgeous. Sure, there are definitely signs of age here, and the information is awful, but this is a nice little terminal! Whether I would actually want to take a boat here is another story, though…

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