I finally got to ride on the 73 since its long-awaited return to trackless trolleys last Saturday! Turns out I got it right in a sweet spot, too – earlier in the afternoon no trolleys were running because of work, while later in the evening there was a wire problem that prevented trolley operation! But yes, the 73 is finally back, and man, it was so great to see trackless trolleys running up and down the route. I ended up walking back to Aberdeen Ave to snap lots of pictures of the route. Here are the best ones…

There hadn’t been a 73 in a while, so this one got really crowded.
Mine came right after, and it was empty, so…ha!
My bus at Waverley.
Oh boy, check out the triple bunch!
The bus in front had already passed, so here’s a double.
A bus dropping someone off.
That same bus coming ’round the bend.
Goin’ up the hill.
Oh dear, the sign appears to be broken on the front vehicle…

My favorite part of the 73! Gosh, I love this view.
Trying to do a fancy motion shot…
A bus disappearing into the night.
And finally, a vehicle back at Harvard!