Here’s the second of Eric Sanford’s two Commuter Rail posts. Thanks again, Eric!

Welcome to Canton Center, an average Stoughton Line Commuter Rail station. This station is right smack in the middle of Canton Center. You could even walk right out into the center from here. Ok, lets march our way into specifics.

A view of the station.

Here at Canton Center, there is a low platform and a mini-high platform, just like any typical Commuter Rail station. It contains the minimum necessities to run a station: newspaper stands, wastebaskets, benches, etc….. It even has a bike rack to hold up to 10 bikes. 

A close-up view of the bike rack and newspaper stands.

In terms of parking, there are 215 spaces total including handicapped spaces – don’t worry, the station does serve the handicapped. That’s a lot of spaces, considering that it’s in the center of Canton. That’s why the station is named “Canton Center”, after all. During a weekday, parking gets to capacity. On an average weekday, the station gets an average of a whopping 1,113 passengers per day. What a busy station that’s deteriorating!!!

Wow, parking lot abundance!
On the other hand, the high platform looks terrible along with the rest of the platform…
Geometry train passing thru!
Hi, Canton Junction. Lovely foliage!

Station: Canton Center

Pros: Yes, yes I know that the station is in deteriorating conditions, but it is used by lots of locals that live around here. It has the basic needs to run a station just like Norwood Depot does. The abundant parking spaces for vehicular passengers is excellent!!! It receives a total of 4-5 peak rush hour trains per day along with midday and late evening trains too. Plus stores and restaurants are in walking distance from the station.

Cons: Ok this station has a couple of obvious problems. One is that the mini-high platform is not sheltered and has no benches. The other thing that really bugs me is that the platforms are disgusting. Just look at the high platform picture, it looks like no one has ever thought about refurbishing them to make it look more presentable and well maintained!! Most MBTA stations are like that anyways!!

Final verdict: 7/10
Yes, the station has the basic needs. Fixing the deteriorating platforms and adding a shelter over the high platform would benefit passengers, especially during inclement weather. On the other hand, people can always wait in their vehicles until the train approaches. Oh well, at least passengers use it, the primary goal of having a station.