Eric Sanford sent me a few Commuter Rail reviews for the blog – here’s the first one, Norwood Depot. Thanks, Eric!

Welcome to Norwood Depot, a station along the Franklin Line. It’s not the nicest station on the line, but at least it is used. Ok, let’s get down to specifics.

Oh look, a bike rack! The station features a bike rack right next to the inbound mini-high platform, which is convenient.
The station features a mini-high platform on both sides. The inbound platform has both the low and high platform sheltered which is good to keep out of inclement weather. But the low platform is deteriorating and needs better maintenance. The irony is that the high platforms are not in nearly as bad shape as the low ones. Did I even tell you that the platforms are easily accessible from the outbound side parking lot? You literally walk onto the outbound platform from your vehicle in a brisk walking distance. To get to the inbound side from the parking lot, there is a tiny path between the low platforms and a crossing after the platforms on the right to cross from one side to another.
There’s even a drop off area right smack next to the inbound platform. For those who like to read newspapers, there’s a couple of stands for ya. Also, the station has lots of benches along the boarding-used areas of the entire platforms (mainly under the shelters). Convenient!!
Don’t worry, I’m not leaving out the fact that there’s 393 parking spaces (including 8 handicapped spaces) for a local Norwood station for local Norwood Residents. Not only that, there’s lots of shopping, stores, and restaurants in walking distance from the station.
Yay, more parking!
The Patriots Train passing thru Norwood!
Hey, you can even see Norwood Central down the tracks from here!
Station: Norwood Depot
Pros: Norwood Depot is an excellent station to railfan at!! You get to see some trains during peak hours and the Patriots trains during special events!! It has a good amount of parking for a residential area. It receives a ridership of 433 inbound passengers per weekday. It has the minimum necessities to run as a typical Commuter Rail station.
Cons: If only they would repave the lower platforms and the parking lots, it would look much nicer and presentable. Even make the shelters a tad nicer too!! Other than that, it’s better than most of the Franklin Line stations.

Final Verdict: 8/10
Yes, the station has its basic needs to run as a proper station. On the ugly side, it could use some more maintenance and proper care to keep it presentable and well maintained. Other than the tiny flaws it plagues, it does the job!!