For a change of pace from my usual reviews, here are the photos I took at the abandoned Boston Regional Medical Center! All of the pictures are taken from outside – don’t worry, I didn’t trespass!

The beat-up parking lot.
Looking through a glass door.
A narrow hallway. 
Some overgrowth.
Heading up to the main entrance.
Getting closer…
This road has seen better days.
Someone needs to empty that wastebasket!
Looking into the main entrance.
A zoomed-in shot. Look at the fallen plaster!
Another corner of the building.
A side of the hospital.
Looking back toward the main entrance.
That looks unsafe…
What a lovely shot of a radiator.
The building again.
An old sign.
Even the church was abandoned!
A rusting door.
How do you even bend a metal sign like that?
A side of the building.
I wonder if that staircase is sturdy…
A bus shelter? What for?!
I don’t think anyone will be smoking around here anymore…
Some sort of utility closet?
Ahhhh, that’s so creepy! I wanna go in so bad!
Another door.
Lots of overgrowth going on here.
More bent metal!
Some loading docks.
Old signs!
These generators were still on…
There was another main entrance down this way.
Are you wondering why that big board is there?
Now you know…
Looking beyond the broken glass.
Some sort of receptionist desk?
That hallway goes on for a while…
Zoomed in on the hallway.
The outside of this particular entrance.
Handicapped only, guys!
This seems isolated.
If this were a horror movie, the creepy ghost child would be sitting in that chair.