Okay, if I’m late for my own blog’s 3rd anniversary, what exactly does that mean? Is the anniversary nullified because I failed to address it on the proper day due to large amounts of homework? And if so, does Miles on the MBTA remain 2 years old for another year? And let’s go back to that homework thing. Since homework is my “job”, could I theoretically push back the anniversary date by the number of hours I’ve spent working on homework since the blog’s previous anniversary so I’m not technically late? Let’s see…doing some quick math here, I’ve spent about 20,000,000 hours on homework in the past year, meaning that Miles on the MBTA’s anniversary is pushed back until…the year 4298. Huh. Alright, well, see you then!

Okay, I can’t promise I’ll be around until 4298, but I’ll do my best. In the meantime, thank you so much for reading! Here’s to another great year of posts.