“I don’t know if you’ve heard but the MBTA is letting the public choose the new trains’ paint schemes. I’d like to know which ones are your favorite.”

Yes, I did take that survey! Here’s the link for anyone who hasn’t taken it yet, and now let’s get into the ones I liked.
The three Orange Line designs.
Look, I’m a purist. That first one with the simple Orange line is the one I like most. The third one, although pretty cool and unique, seems to leave most of the train grey, which doesn’t seem too appealing. As for the second one, I don’t like how the stripe stops at each door. So yeah, I like the first design the most.
The Red Line designs.

In terms of paint schemes, the Red Line trains are exactly the same as the Orange Line ones. Again, I like the first one the most.

And finally, the three Green Line designs.
Um…okay, so, none of these designs really call out to me. Why does all the green paint have to be above the windows instead of under them like on the existing trains? I guess I like the third one the most, since it strikes a balance between the gaudiness of the first and the subtlety of the second, but I would prefer a design like the ones we have on the current trains. But don’t let me tell you which designs are the best. Take the survey and make your voice be heard!