Well, this is an anticlimactic place to end. Not that Cedar Grove is a bad station or anything, it’s just…you know, a typical MHSL station. It’s also in the shadow of Ashmont, with one being visible from the other. But Cedar Grove is no Ashmont – this is yet another ultra-local station.

Looking at both platforms.
Once again, we have the standard platform setup here. Both sides have a bench, a wastebasket, and a wheelchair ramp, with a shelter on the inbound side. An interesting difference here is that – and I hope you’re sitting down – the outbound platform has two benches. Crazy, right? Actually, I have no idea why they did that, but whatever.
The first of two entrances.
The first entrance to Cedar Grove is along Adams Street. Well, the entrance is technically from a side street, but there’s a T sign at the intersection with that street. It’s good that it’s there, too, because otherwise it would look like just an uninteresting side street.
Um…am I supposed to be back here?
The second entrance is definitely more…spicy. It’s a path that leaves the station and parallels the tracks for a little while. It then turns left and into that path in the picture above, which looks like someone’s backyard. It goes very close to the Red Line’s Ashmont Yard, but it’s hard to see through the fence. Ultimately, it leads to a residential area which is admittedly less interesting than the path to get to it.
Boy, that Ashmont is remarkably close, isn’t it?
Station: Cedar Grove
Ridership: You know, Cedar Grove is actually one of the busiest stations on the system, with over 10,000 riders per weekday! Okay, so it only gets 91 riders per weekday and is nowhere near being even remotely busy. Sorry about that.
Pros: Well, we’ve got a standard MHSL station here, so…it’s good. I also like how it has exits on both sides, and that weird “backyard” one is pretty cool.
Cons: I think this station is sort of overshadowed by Ashmont, since they’re so close, but it’s still nice that this one is there.
Nearby and Noteworthy: There are houses nearby, but they’re certainly not noteworthy. No offence to anyone who lives there.
Final Verdict: 8/10
Well, this may be an anticlimactic ending, but Cedar Grove is still a nice station. This is mainly because it’s kind of the same as all the other ones, but hey, it’s a good formula. Cedar Grove also has a really cool exit that, though it’s not worth coming here just for it, was a nice treat.
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