Well, I hate to say it, but the only high speed train in America is a bit of a joke. For a beefed up price, you only save about half an hour from New York to Boston. And on our trip, we lost about 45 minutes because our train stopped in the middle of nowhere for a while! Sigh. Well, at least the inside was nice. I’ve already discussed this route before, so just take a look at the pictures inside the train.

Well, okay, this one is outside.
I wonder what kind of radio stations you can get with this thing…
Pretty fancy… 
A trash can.
It was one continuous car with articulated portions!
That’s convenient, I guess.
The obligatory bathroom picture. It wasn’t too bad inside!
Now that is a swanky café car!
This screen kept flashing different messages and I had a seat facing it and it was DRIVING ME CRAZY.
Yes, I get it!
SHUT UP! And that doesn’t even make sense!
That’s the REGIONAL train passing us when we were stuck. Are you kidding?
The train at South Station.
Well, it looks like a 4 and a half hour wait for the next Forge Park train.