When I hopped on the 211, I didn’t realize that the bus takes a different route on Sundays. Instead of taking its normal way south of North Quincy, it replaces the 212 on Billings Road. Thus, I decided not to give the 211 a proper review, since A) I haven’t been on a part unique to that bus, so the review would be incomplete, and B) Reviewing the 211 now would make riding the 212 obsolete. So, I decided to hold off. But there were still some very nice views on the ride to Squantum, so consider this a “sneak-peek” for when I get around to riding this bus on a weekday.

Fall foliage.
Some marshland.
And some more.
The Boston skyline! You can also see the JFK Library in the foreground.
The sea is visible in the distance.
The skyline, with Back Bay.
A close-up of downtown.