I did an excursion to the first MBTA station to open in almost 30 years with my friend today, and I took quite a few pictures. I’m not going to do a proper review yet, since the station isn’t fully completed (they’re still working on a second entrance), but here are the pictures I took.

After this, I have some more New York Service Changes, since I went there over the three-day weekend. So look forward to that…

Two views of the train leaving.
This waiting area was useful when it started pouring.
Looking down the platform.
Nice view…
The platform again.
Another nice(ish) view.
Some more construction.
You probably can’t see that very well, but it’s about Ford vehicles. Okay…
I love these new fare gates!
The other side.
I love these so much.
An odd bench.
The bridge leading out.
The lobby.
Looking outside.
A new Commuter Rail locomotive going by…
…and over the bridge.
Same with an Orange Line train.
And finally, a plaque.