You’ve got a big, ugly, abandoned elevated track that just looks awful. What’s a city to do? Well, convert it into a park. of course. That’s what High Line Park is. It starts at 30th Street (though it’s being extended northward) and runs parallel to 10th Ave all the way down to 12th Street. It made for a very enjoyable walk. So without further ado, I’m going to hog the internet bandwidth to bring you the dozens of pictures I took…

That’s where they’re expanding it.
I like the bench running along the side.
Looking down the park.
Doesn’t look like the nicest street.
The fact that they kept the track is really cool.


There were some art installations along the park. This appears to be an organ resting on a hammock. You know, generic stuff.
A little rest area.
I like that mural on the right.
A bit of contrast between two art forms.
It doesn’t even look like New York it’s so leafy.
I love how they incorporated the track into the actual path.
There’s been a security breach!
New York has a bike share service, apparently. This one isn’t very well-used.
That’s a nice view.
Looking into New Jersey.
Some flowers.
That is a really cool building.
This street is a lot nicer.
I love this view!
This is where the official gift shop is.
One of New York’s newer buses.
There was also a snack bar.
We were wondering what this building is. It’s a really nice one.
The buildings seem to be getting taller.
Going through a building.
Looking into New Jersey again. I assume that’s Hoboken.
Looks like things get ugly again.
Another leafy section.
Here’s another art installation.
The track was apparently electrified.

Next up: we finally get back to Boston bus reviews!