I had gotten a Zone 1A Commuter Rail ticket a while back, but I never actually used it. I decided to just keep it in case I ever needed to ride the Commuter Rail within Zone 1A. But the ticket was expiring on April 19, so I figured I would have to use it soon. So, I decided to go to South Station and grab the first train that comes (that’s how I roll).

This was a Sunday, so my options were somewhat limited. But I managed to get to South Station just in time for a Franklin Line train to start boarding. I decided I would take it to Ruggles, since I could probably grab a bus from there. The train had a fair amount of people on it leaving South Station. There was a nice view of downtown as we swung west towards Back Bay.
Back Bay was an underground station, but it was really crowded! Almost every seat on the train had a person in it – and this was a Sunday, where Franklin Line trains run every two hours! From Back Bay, it was just boring Southwest Corridor stuff before we got into Ruggles. I was the only one to get off here (not surprisingly), but there were still a fair few people getting on. It was a pretty useless journey for me, but now I know that the Commuter Rail (or at least the Franklin Line) is actually crowded on Sundays! I’d be interested to see what it’s like at rush hour.
The train at South Station.
A bad picture of the inside of the train – it wasn’t too crowded yet.
The train leaving Ruggles.
A train going back towards South Station.