Y’know, I was planning to finish my bus review by tonight, but I had some issues: my computer crashed three times in a row and I lost all of the things I was working on. This would be fine (luckily, Blogger auto-saves), except that my computer is insanely slow and it would take forever to get all the tabs I need opened again. Since it’s almost 10:30, I’ve decided to call it a night and finish the post tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are some clarifications on the 34E from Joshua Wilkinson: “Hi Miles, I read your post on the 34E bus route and I live in Walpole. I can clarify some info for you. The odd looking industrial building on Washington street used to make cookies (no clue when it stopped), the school on East Street near Walpole Center is Blessed Sacrament School with the church right next to it. The school on the Main Street route is the Norfolk Agricultural School.” Thanks, Joshua!