I paid a visit to Wonderland again last weekend, and I thought I’d add a few things I noticed about it as well as post some pictures I took. First of all, in addition to fun little “Train Approaching” sign, there is also an old-fashioned bell that rings as the train is about to leave. Second, there seemed to be some sort of carnival going on right near the station. I’m not sure what it is, but I suppose that’s a noteworthy place near the station that’s not Revere Beach. Finally, we checked the bridge they’re working on, and it seemed like they made absolutely no progress on construction. It looks finished and ready to go, but it’s still fenced off for some reason. I’m quite excited for when they finish it, however.

Revere Beach!

Here’s the bridge. Looks almost done, doesn’t it?

I suppose Arrow Street is in charge of construction.

The busway I raved about.