Getting from Harvard to Alewife should normally take about 5 minutes. But today, that trip took 20 (for the record, I wanted to take the bus being the transit-obsessed person I am, but it was my friend Calvin’s turn to pick the transit method). We ended up getting a train in the 01500’s series, the oldest fleet on the Red Line. It was fine from Harvard to Porter, but then the train started going 2 miles an hour to Davis. It took forever to arrive there. When we did, the train was just sitting there with its doors open. We waited for a couple minutes, and then the driver came over the speaker. Being an old train, all we could hear was some muffled gibberish, so we still had no idea what was going on. Finally, the doors closed, and we started moving again. At the point before Alewife when the trains sometimes switch tracks, we stopped again. At first, it seemed like we were waiting for a train to leave the station, but then, looking out the window, I saw we were in the middle of switching tracks. Then the lights turned off in the train. “We’re in the middle of the two tracks,” I said to Calvin. “If a train comes now, we’re going to die,” I jokingly remarked. “Great place to stop the train,” he replied. Finally, the lights came on and the train started moving again (at 2 miles an hour, of course), and we pulled into Alewife. MBTA, you’ve got some explaining to do.