Man…Warminster is just a really sprawly town, huh? I guess it’s no surprise that its station has a giant parking lot, with just a bunch of blech around it. Yet it’s still one of the busiest stations on Regional Rail!

Speaking of parking lots…

We’ve got a ton of space for cars here, with 562 $1 a day daily spaces and 238 $25 a month permit spaces. There’s a bit of bike parking too: SEPTA claims nine racks, Wikipedia claims four, and my photos show four. Maybe there are five secret ones I couldn’t find, or SEPTA could be wrong – not like it’d be the first time. As for bus connections, the 22 to Olney stops on Jacksonville Road next to the station (just signs), while the rush hour Richboro-Warminster Rushbus operated by TMA Bucks pulls right into the station, using the drop-off area as a stop.

Alright, alright, I wasn’t planning on trespassing…

Despite being in a mostly suburban area, there is some transit-oriented development here in the form of a big apartment complex. Well…maybe transit-adjacent development – I see a lottttttt of parking spaces there. Also, the plebs who don’t live in the complex aren’t allowed in, according to the sign at the fancy accessible entrance. I do see a few bike racks at the bottom, though – could those be responsible for SEPTA’s inflated count? Also next to this entrance is a sketchy narrow pedestrian crossing across the tracks to get to the sidewalkless Park Ave.

Oh no, don’t look at the date! I’m so behind!

Warminster’s platform is fully high-level, so points for that. But alas, there’s not a lot on it. You’ve got a few wastebaskets, a departure screen, and…oh, I think that’s it. If you’re here during an off-peak time, the only place you can sit is at the two benches in the drop-off area, which are at least right next to the platform.

Looking inside the building.

Of course, if you’re boarding at rush hour, your situation is much better. Warminster has a beautiful airy building with plenty of seating, bathrooms, a water fountain, ticket sales, and even change for parking if you have to use the awful “honor box”. This is only open from 5:15 to 11:30 AM on weekdays, though.

Ready to return to Philly.

Station: Warminster

Ridership: 16th-busiest on Regional Rail! It’s the first station on the list to crack 1,000 daily riders, getting 1,058 per weekday. With 800 total parking spaces, that means the vast majority of riders are driving in (which makes sense, given the surrounding area), with the remaining ones likely either getting dropped off, walking from the apartment development, or reverse commuting via the Rushbus.

Pros: Hey, it’s unabashedly a suburban car-oriented station (which is the only kind of station you can really have in Warminster), and in that sense, it performs pretty well. It has a suitably giant parking lot with a bit of TOD so it can pretend it’s urban, as well as a great building and a high-level platform.

Cons: The crossing to Park Ave is narrow and inaccessible, although I would wager that the amount of people using it on a daily basis is pretty low. Other than that, probably the lack of seating on the platform, although there are the drop-off benches at least.

Nearby and Noteworthy: It is really hard to walk around here! If you do, you’ll find a Walmart, a Costco, and a few restaurants.

Final Verdict: 8/10
Your standard park-and-ride station. It does its job pretty well.

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